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7 places to photograph in England

There are so many places to go that can inspire you and your camera. These are just a few that you could explore (however make sure you remember, you don’t have to travel to take good photos).

Photo by Peter Mason on Unsplash

The White Cliffs of Dover are an iconic landmark, the white chalk was symbolic in the war for the soldiers as a sign that they were home. They have stunning views and a huge array of wildlife to offer. The chalk cliffs have always been a very powerful symbol of hope and unity.

The Forest of Dean is open to all and is beautiful all year round, especially is spring when the forest floor is tinted blue by bluebells. There are plenty of different walking or cycling routes that you can take to enjoy the scenery.

The Malvern Hills are located in Worcestershire and are home to a wide range of species and habitats. I have actually been walking on the Malvern hills a few times and I always enjoy myself. The views are spectacular and on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Bristol Channel. The hills and surroundings have outstanding natural beauty.

The Lake District is a beautiful area of Britain, that offers fantastic, uninterrupted views. As a rural area, it is perfect for adventurous activities on the lakes or hiking and mountain biking with family and friends. I would recommend this as a good place to go for an all round photographic experience. (More information about the Lake District to be available soon)

The Roman Baths are not in England but they are so wonderful that I couldn’t help but mention them. Recommended for people who are interested in History, the Roman Baths are the well preserved remains of an ancient spa. Most of the original structure still stands today, creating a wonderfully rustic theme for your images. The Roman Baths are the most visited English Heritage site in the United Kingdom.

Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar. Gough’s Cave is perhaps the most famous cave in the Mendip Hills because inside it was found a skeleton of a modern man (nicknamed Cheddar Man). The skeleton was about 10,000 years old, which means that it can tell us a lot about human evolution. Cheddar Gorge is also famous for its herd of feral goats.

Stonehenge was built in prehistoric times, in the late Neolithic period. A large, stone circle that is both a masterpiece of engineering and a source of great inspiration and spirituality. Stonehenge is one of the most well known prehistoric sites in Europe and well worth a visit.

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